Top Interior Design Trends for 2019

Top Interior Design Trends for 2019

In reality, a well-planned space is timeless — nonetheless, it does not stop us from taking a cue from current, cutting-edge trends. Although, some elements of interior decor will never go out of style, interior design trends come and go, leaving us watching out for something innovative and avant- garde year after year. In 2018, we experienced and even infused new trends such as Scandi- styling, wall art, geometric prints, mixed metals, and maximalism to mention a few.

However, as 2019 kicks-of, we at Teal Harmony intend to translate interior design from the function- focused design movement to a mix of art-inspired elements and brighter colour pallets. Major interior design trends will see the juxtaposition of more organic shapes, fun décor, new pastels, clashing prints, linear lights, sustainable furniture, big and bold plants, and gold accents.

Every time is always a good time to embrace what works and say goodbye to what does not, so why wait?

Folakemi Oloye – Founder & Creative Director at Teal Harmony.

Folakemi Oloye is readily inspired by how design and architecture largely influence everyday lives. Her relentless passion for design has led to creating harmonious and beautiful spaces with the aim of enhancing lifestyles.

She is a multi-faceted designer who has created interiors from residential, hospitality, commercial, to retail everywhere, as well as lifestyle products.


85 Interior Decor Orange is back!!! Some will cringe at the thought of this cliched colour, however history repeats itself as the’ living coral’ is now being dubbed ‘the Pantone of 2019’. This also applies to all shades of orange – from coral pink, to pastel peach, to dark rust, to deep chocolate brown, etcetera. Also, huge this year— Curves.

From curvy tiles, to curved sofas, to round dining tables – Circular shapes are perfect for softening up straight lines and edges, giving any space a dash of the feminine vibe. It’s a bit of Art Deco in?uence coming into play and probably a reaction to its counterpart as seen in Mid-Century designs.

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Combining natural elements and organic vibes – whether it is through infusing natural materials, plants or simple inspirations taken from the great outdoors will be used to provide a sense of relaxation and nature, perfect for brands that want to encourage customers to linger.

A Perfect example is our design of Delphi Metals jewelry store where we have used mid-tone woods for roofing and cladding. Even Financial institutions are ditching the austere look of whites and greys for more natural and home away from home look with warmer colours.

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